Usual Makeup Routine

Usual Makeup Routine

My usual makeup routine is simple and if I have enough I will play around with different colors. First I use a daily face lotion. It is made with all natural things and mainly coconut. It always has sunscreen in it and is great for all different face types. After that I apply foundation to only some areas of my face, my forehead, chin, nose, and sometime under my eyes. I use ELF eye brightening eye shadow. I use a gold/ brown eye shadow with a little bit of gray. Next I do eyeliner. I do mascara last because I tend to smear my mascara when applying eye shadow so I have learned to do mascara last :). The brand I have is Wet and Wild, it works fine but sometimes it will clump badly. I like cover girl better, but when ever I need new mascara it is not in my budget :(. Next I use Wet and Wild blush. I use Mellow Wine because I am pretty pale so I don’t want bright blush. I finish everything with a powder that keeps my makeup from smearing. During the summer I use it ever day because my foundation my melt so using the powder it keeps my foundation in place. It also makes you skin look flawless. The foundation, mascara, and blush are all from a drug store, the eye shadow and eye liner are from the dollar store ( the dollar store actually has great make up there, and it is only a dollar, so if you have a budget it is a great place to shop ;), The lotion is from Earth Fare, it is kinda of expensive so I only buy it when it is on sale, I don’t know where the powder is from, it is my mom’s and she has had for a while. I hope you enjoy this!

Allony-s, Brunette!


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