Sunshine Blogger Award

I really want to thanks Julie from, For Vanity’s sake for nominating this me :)!

1. Share 11 facts about yourself.
2. Answer the 11 questions that were asked by the blogger who nominated you.
3. Include 11 questions for your nominees to answer.
4. Notify your nominees about this post.

                                       11 Facts

1.  My name is Erica

2.  I love to cook

3. I am the middle child

4. I believe in kindred spirits  

5. I LOVE Sherlock and Doctor Who

6. I live in North Carolina

7. I am really tall

8. I am homeschooled

9. I love English

10. I do theater

11. I love chocolate 😉

                                          Julie’s Questions

 1.How are you feeling today?


2.What’s one thing on your New Year’s Resolution?

Watch less tv shows

3.What do you hear right now?

talking and cats meowing

4.What was your favorite 2013 moment?

Getting my three kittens

5. What is your zodiac sign?

Um…. I don’t know

6.What beauty product can’t you live without?


7.Would you rather go out without doing your hair(you can’t put it up in a pony either) or your face?

My face

8.Who do you look up to?


9.Favorite music genre?


10.Do you have any pets?

Three kittens

11.Where do you really want to be right now?

Either England or Paris 🙂

                                    I nominate:                               

Flux and Flow

Vintage Reflection 

Tulle and Trinkets 


Divergent Faction


                                       My questions

1. Your favorite Movie

2. Your favorite Disney princess

3. One place where you really want to go to

4.  Spring or Fall

5. Favorite moment in 2013

6. One thing you can’t live without

7. Favorite comfort food

8. Your favorite post so far 

9. What do you see right now

10. What made you start your blog

11. Your favorite thing to blog about


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